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Businesses Vietnam has been urbanized rapidly. This is a potential market for the expansion of building materials sector. Eurowindow is the first one, who introduced uPVC products to the Vietnamese market. This is also the reliable brand that many consumers have selected for their homes. Building materials and interior furniture distribution Melinh Plaza Trade Complex is invested and managed by T&M Vietnam Investment Joint Stock Company. Melinh Plaza is the largest shopping mall in Vietnam, specializing in displaying and selling complete building materials, home interior decor and household items. This is a reliable shopping stop for customers. Real Estate Investment, Development and Management Eurowindow Holding emphasizes on the market segment of trade center, offices, apartments, and luxurious resorts. Upon being completed and put into operation, Eurowindow Holding will be involved in developing, managing and operating those Trade Centers. Besides, Eurowindow Holding has directly been managing the Property Trading Bourse. Construction With almost 40 years of experience in management and construction combined with engineerers, architects, technicians, skilled workers and modern equipments, Hanoi Investment and Construction Joint Stock Company No.1 (HICC1) has left their hallmark on the large scale projects of Hanoi as well as other provinces in the North. Other investments Currently, Eurowindow is managing the capital contribution invested in banking sector (Techcombank, Military Bank, Dai A Bank), insurance sector (Military Insurance), securities sector (EuroCapital, EuroFinance).

Cultural Center, Trade (AIO) and Hanoi - Moscow Hotel: live and work in peace and contentment

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Recently, at the Workshop on "Trade and Culture Centers (multi-function) and Hanoi - Moscow Hotels: Solutions to support the Vietnamese community in Moscow and Vietnam goods export opportunities in the Russian Federation", Incentra company has begun selling apartments and displayed to some customers.

On this occasion, we have got an interview for the clients to open a project:

Mr. Nguyen Minh Tuan, Director of Investour Company in Vietnam: "The opportunity to expand the market"

Mr. Nguyen Minh Tuan, we were known that Investour is one of the Vietnamese businesses buying space in Trade and Culture Center (multi-function) and Hanoi - Moscow Hotels, so could you please explain why Investour made that decision?

We found that the purchase of premises at Trade and Culture Center (multi-function) and Hanoi - Moscow Hotels met the demand of Investour. Through research, we know this is the project to ensure legally and thus sustainability. Toward Investour, we have received positive support from Incentra Company for conducting legal procedure. That is the reason why the Board of Management, Board of Directors of Investour decided to buy ground here.

Mr. Nguyen Minh Tuan, Director of Investour (right) shakes hands with Mr. Le Truong Son in the contract signing ceremony

How do you evaluate this project and how will Investour use space of the project in the future?

Mr. Nguyen Minh Tuan: In Moscow, the project to build a Trade and Culture Center (multi-function) and Hanoi - Moscow Hotels is not easy. I personally believe that the project will contribute positively to trade promotion in Russia. With Investour, our plan is to set up a subsidiary or representative office here to run the business operations which being carried out in Russia. At the same time, expand the demand of this market to look for new business opportunities for Investour.

Mrs. Tran Thi Huong Lan: “I want to own instead of renting booth”

Mrs. Tran Thi Huong Lan being one of the first customers to buy apartment, store.

You have involved in many trade fairs in Moscow for years, could you please share a little bit about life as well as doing business in this country?

In 1987, I went to the labor export cooperation in Russia as an elite member and worked in the wool factory. After six years of labor expires at the factory, I stayed in Russia for free business up to now. My trade as well as Vietnamese community in Russia in general was very hard. Currently, I am trading in places like Liubino, Bird and KM19 market but booth rental at that market is very high. On the other hand, high-rent housing, unstable, sales and accommodation is very far away from each other thus spending a lot of time.

You have considered so much when investing to buy a booth at Trade and Culture Center (multi-function) and Hanoi - Moscow Hotels, haven’t you?

Indeed, I have to carefully think and consider before I decided to buy a booth here. As you well know, the trades opportunities of Vietnamese small businesses in Russia are plenty, many commodity markets in the Moscow area were closed. The rest is not known when to close. Therefore, I and many other people could not stop worrying. I think that with Trade and Culture center (multi-function) and Hanoi - Moscow hotels, Incentra Company has done something that so far not ever company has done, that is to bring Vietnamese community in Moscow and Russia a residence, modern civilized business, the future for the Vietnamese community in Moscow and Russia. After researching this project, I found that I can own permanently if I purchase premises here. Because of this, after careful consideration, I have decided to invest in this project and I think that it is a reasonable investment

Mr. Nguyen Van Nhien: live and work in peace and contentment.

As a big and longtime trader in Russia, you already had a relatively stable business establishment here. So can you tell me the reason why you choose Trade and Culture Center (multi-function) and Hanoi - Moscow Hotel as a new residence?

I am a longtime partner of the Incentra Company so I understand and believe in the potential financial capacity as well as successful implementation of the project by Investor. I also like other Vietnamese who live away from the country have a common desire to work and live in pure Vietnamese community.

Mr. Nguyen Van Nhien (right) was a big and longtime trader in Russia.

He decided to buy an apartment to live at the center. So how about business place?

It is true that I bought an apartment here. According to the concept of Asians “to live and work in peace and contentment”, after the project is completed and put into operation, I will move here to live. In addition, I also purchased a booth here to set up representative offices and showrooms for jeans clothing- my main business items. Until now, I mostly order from China. I have been in contact with a number of garment enterprises in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City for many times to bring Vietnamese goods to Russia but due to lack of information on the Russian market, so I temporarily suspended. This central location as a place to exchange contact with Vietnamese businesses in Moscow will satisfy my desire.
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