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Building Materials
Businesses Vietnam has been urbanized rapidly. This is a potential market for the expansion of building materials sector. Eurowindow is the first one, who introduced uPVC products to the Vietnamese market. This is also the reliable brand that many consumers have selected for their homes. Building materials and interior furniture distribution Melinh Plaza Trade Complex is invested and managed by T&M Vietnam Investment Joint Stock Company. Melinh Plaza is the largest shopping mall in Vietnam, specializing in displaying and selling complete building materials, home interior decor and household items. This is a reliable shopping stop for customers. Real Estate Investment, Development and Management Eurowindow Holding emphasizes on the market segment of trade center, offices, apartments, and luxurious resorts. Upon being completed and put into operation, Eurowindow Holding will be involved in developing, managing and operating those Trade Centers. Besides, Eurowindow Holding has directly been managing the Property Trading Bourse. Construction With almost 40 years of experience in management and construction combined with engineerers, architects, technicians, skilled workers and modern equipments, Hanoi Investment and Construction Joint Stock Company No.1 (HICC1) has left their hallmark on the large scale projects of Hanoi as well as other provinces in the North. Other investments Currently, Eurowindow is managing the capital contribution invested in banking sector (Techcombank, Military Bank, Dai A Bank), insurance sector (Military Insurance), securities sector (EuroCapital, EuroFinance).

Inauguration VICENTRA Complex

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On March 2012, in Vinh city, Vinh Trade Center Investment Corporation (belonging to Eurowindow Holding) held the Inauguration of Vicentra Complex. The ceremony was attended by Mr. Huynh Thanh Dien - Vice Chairman of Nghe An province, representatives of Vinh City, head of the departments and offices of Nghe An province, Vinh City and representative of Eurowindow Holding.

Vicentra Complex was built at the location at the intersection of the Gulf, including the 20-storey towers and 4-storey buildings, which are connected together by internal roads. Floors 1 - 4 of 20-story building is the commercial center, from the fifth floor to the 20th floor is the apartment building and four-story buildings 21 townhouses - shops are designed in European style Luxury

Vicentra Complex in Vinh City 

The complex was designed and built under high standards: uPVC windows System is open back flip able to open with three schemes: flip open 1-2 for ventilation, open the flip 15 degrees to open air and turn 180 degrees to room. This type the best uPVC Eurowindow with 2 laminated safety glass and 1 glass layer formed glass; inert gas inside the pump has the ability to sound insulation, high heat. Specifically, the system uses the profile bar window Kommerling new generation - the world's leading brand in the field of manufacturing uPVC profile bars - standard application Greenline does not lead to ensure health and safety for users. In addition, the building is technological application of post-tensioned concrete slabs, allowing building walls in every position depending on the needs and decor of the home. Particularly in the area of apartments, all doors are steel anti-theft safety; spacious corridors and 6 high-speed elevators with elevator lobby granite tiles, ventilation

Inauguration of Vicentra Complex

Speaking at the Inauguration ceremony, Mr. Huynh Thanh Dien - Vice Chairman of Nghe An province speeches: "The combination Vicentra Complex completed and put into use is significant for the development of Vinh City in particular and the Nghe An province in general. In addition to commercial development meaning, the project also contributes to the modernization of Vinh City and Nghe An Province. "

Mr. Huynh Thanh Dien - Vice Chairman of Nghe An province said at the ceremony

At the inauguration ceremony, Mr. Nguyen Canh Hong - Vice Chairman in BOM of Eurowindow Holding confirmed: Investors will continue in their efforts to ensure Vicentra become a really vibrant shopping place, comfort and luxury living place of Vinh citizen. Next time, investors will continue to develop a Eurowindow Nghe An Tower at No. 2 Tran Phu Street. The Eurowindow Nghe An Tower alongside Vicentra Complex will create a luxury and unified architectural style at Vinh City Center.

Mr. Nguyen Canh Hong - Vice Chairman of BOM of Eurowindow Holding said at the ceremony

Also at the ceremony, Eurowindow Holding Real Estate Exchange and BIDV - UC Real Estate Exchange signed a cooperation agreement, under which staffs working at BIDV will get special incentives when buying apartments, townhouses in Vicentra Complex.

On the occasion of the inauguration, the investor has opened sales for the lasts apartments Vicentra Complex and gave special privileges to customers on this occasion. From December, 3rd – 31st 2011 buyers of Vicentra complex will be offered apartment’s completion services with a value from 80 - 150 million. 
Customers can choose furniture or rent investors to do it.

Eurowindow Holding Real Estate Exchange signed a cooperation agreement with BIDV_UC Real Estate Exchange.

 Customer sales contract for Vicentra Complex apartment

The participants inaugurated Vicentra Complex
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