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Businesses Vietnam has been urbanized rapidly. This is a potential market for the expansion of building materials sector. Eurowindow is the first one, who introduced uPVC products to the Vietnamese market. This is also the reliable brand that many consumers have selected for their homes. Building materials and interior furniture distribution Melinh Plaza Trade Complex is invested and managed by T&M Vietnam Investment Joint Stock Company. Melinh Plaza is the largest shopping mall in Vietnam, specializing in displaying and selling complete building materials, home interior decor and household items. This is a reliable shopping stop for customers. Real Estate Investment, Development and Management Eurowindow Holding emphasizes on the market segment of trade center, offices, apartments, and luxurious resorts. Upon being completed and put into operation, Eurowindow Holding will be involved in developing, managing and operating those Trade Centers. Besides, Eurowindow Holding has directly been managing the Property Trading Bourse. Construction With almost 40 years of experience in management and construction combined with engineerers, architects, technicians, skilled workers and modern equipments, Hanoi Investment and Construction Joint Stock Company No.1 (HICC1) has left their hallmark on the large scale projects of Hanoi as well as other provinces in the North. Other investments Currently, Eurowindow is managing the capital contribution invested in banking sector (Techcombank, Military Bank, Dai A Bank), insurance sector (Military Insurance), securities sector (EuroCapital, EuroFinance).

Eurowindow sponsor and coordinate to produce “Favorite song show”

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On December 14th 2011, a press conference was held in Hanoi to introduce the "favorite song" show produced by the Vietnam Television in coordination with Eurowindow and Favorite Song Company. Attending conference have musician Nguyen Cuong, Quoc Trung, Luu Thien Huong, Miss Mai Phuong Thuy as well as many singers and representatives of national and local press agencies.

Since 2005, Eurowindow collaborated with VTV to produce musical path. This is a program to honor the musicians who had lots of dedication to Vietnamese music. By the end of 2011, the "musical path" closed and left a deep impression in the music lover audiences. Since January 2012, Eurowindow will be continued to accompany with VTV to produce "the favorite songs”

"Favorite song" program was held to find out which song was most popular and performed most successful by the singer at a given time. From there, weekly and monthly ranks were extracted. This is music playing field for the musicians, singers and listeners. The participating songs just meet the basic requirements of the license, to be issued and performed in the territory of Viet Nam, have audio or radio CD, VCD, online from January 1st 2011 until the time of introduction of that song. Especially in the "favorite song", the author not only has the right to participate but singer can also nominate song that they performed.

Composer Nguyen Cuong: Member of the selection committee said at a press conference to introduce the "Favorite song".

Composer Quoc Trung: Member of the selection committee said at a press conference to introduce the "Favorite song".

Apart from songs nominated by the singers and composers, in order to introduce the quality songs to the public, the Selection Committee was established with members of the musicians, journalists, music producers who have profound understanding of music and actively involved in many activities of this area. The Selection Committee consists of composers Nguyen Cuong, Vo Thien Thanh, Quoc Trung, Huy Tuan, Le Quang, Do Bao, Nguyen Hai Phong, Anh Quan, Luu Thien Huong, Giang Son, Phuong Uyen, Meritorious Artist Huyen Thanh, Journalist Ngo Ba, and Journalist Huu Trinh. Selection Committee participating in the first phase of the program introduced the songs and decided 50% of the selection results of the 15 songs performed in concert, while favorite song charts will be decided by the listeners.

A new feature of this program is various options with 3 groups voted to include: Council voted; vote via message and the number of hear songs through websitewww.baihatyeuthich.vn. If voting via messages focused on young audiences, voting via the website primarily focused on the office staffs and the young people love the internet, Council voted will be consist of 100 people, are reputed in the field of various industries across the three North - Central - South. These three groups will complement, support and balance each other to find out which song is the current favorite of the audience. Although hard to exactly 100%, but such synthetic evaluation methods will reflect the results of relatively objective and avoid subjective emotional and highly representative.

To ensure transparency, every month, result of the songs nominated and selected to perform in TV program live, as well as charts compiled from the voting result of the Selection Committee, messages, times of listening in the website are all audited by Deloitte international auditing company.

At 21:00 on every Sunday of the first monthly week, the "Favorite song" will be held and broadcast live on VTV3 channel of Vietnam Television. The first program will be held on January 15th 2012.

Some pictures at the press conference to introduce the "Favorite song":

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